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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Office Location

Perkins County Courthouse 2nd floor, Assessor's Office


(308) 352-7548 


PO Box 324
Grant, NE 69140



Planning and Zoning GIS Workshop

Comprehensive Plan

Zoning Regulations

Conditional Use Application

Zoning Permit Application

SAMPLE Zoning Permit Application

Nebraska Planning and Zoning Association

Bob Tatum

Zoning Administrator

The Zoning Administrator prepares all necessary permit application forms, reviews all permits for conformance with the zoning regulations, and issues permits where authorized within the regulations.  He will help in filling out the required applications, and will explain any unclear zoning procedures.  He prepares applications for presentation to the Planning Commission.  He also does field inspections of permitted work to check for compliance.

Please check out the Planning and Zoning website on GIS workshop at Here you’ll find lots of information. The current Perkins County Zoning map, floodplain information, etc.  Be sure and also check out the Assessor tab at the top where you can find individual property information on each parcel.


Proposed Landfill Regulations


Perkins County Planning Commission

Term ends Jan. 2018

Jim Lampmann

Glenn Colson
75540 Road 345
Elsie, NE 69134

Shannon Malmkar
33390 Road 763
Madrid, NE 69150

Term ends Jan. 2019
Darin Tjaden Gavin McClintock Tom Tines
Term ends Jan. 2020
Dawnya Dreiling Mike Jeffres Greg Robertson